Friday, January 1, 2010

Some Favorite Thanksgiving Pictures

Here are some Thanksgiving pictures at Terri's house. We had a great time!! Thank you Terri for allowing us to crash your house, eat your food, and mess up your toy room!!!!!
Alex and her Dad....cheese!

Looking at the lights at Temple Square.

Visited Grandpa Stratford.

Great Grandkids with Grandpa stratford. The kids were singing Christmas songs to him.

Kaleo and his boys asleep...never seen this before :)

Teave was peeking at Zeus through the cute!

Kaleo, Tami, and Julie eating yummy food!
Mom, Dad, and Terri.....(silver tried to put this fork in the picture and he accomplished it).

Jason, Teave, and me.....cheese!

All the kids eating....

Kaleb being himself!

Me and Julie :)

Me and Tami :)

Kaleb being a Jedi....he loves all of the dress up at Terri's house :)

Stick em up!

So serious!!

Mia's helping to crush the croutons.

Jason's peeling the eggs for his favorite deviled eggs :)

Mom and Dad....cheese...Kaleo was trying to put bunny ears behind their head :)

Steavie.....cheese :0

Elijah.....being cute!

Tami and her horse....oops I mean dog....Zeus :)

Alex and Allana :)

Jason and Alex playing around!!

Silver and Kaleo resting after they ate Thanksgiving!

Terri cookin'!

Kaleo thought he was wearing a shower cap until Terri informed him that he was wearing a salad cover on his head.

This video was sooo funny because Tami's dog kept trying to get onto the trampoline. He did make it one time, but we weren't fast enough to get the camera out. Here is what we got though.....

I'm Sorry!

I have not posted on our blog for so long that I do not even know where to start! Our computer with most of the pictures is not working right now, so if I start posting some of the pictures from my lap least I won't get further behind. We spent Thanksgiving in Provo, Utah at Terri's house. Our kids enjoyed spending time with their cousins. We enjoyed our Christmas!! We stayed in Las Vegas and we had our good friends, the Delgados, come over on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning we opened our presents and then went to see the movies and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakual. It was really cute!! We spent the day watching our kids ride their new scooters. I will start posting pictures randomly. Sorry I suck at posting things for the last 6 months. It will be one of my New Years be better at our family journal!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some many pictures...not enough time!

Okay, so here are a bunch of pictures from the summer. I am way behind, but if I don't post some of the pictures then it will never happen. I promise at one point I will be completely caught up.

Mia and the parade.

Beautiful sisters!

Auntie and my kids!!!

Me and Kaleb!

Me and Jewels!!!!

Another funny picture!!!!!

Julie was having fun taking pictures of my kids!

The boys!!!!! (Kaleo, Jason, and Silver)

Teave is thinking......"Julie is the best auntie!"

It's limbo time at Terri's!!!!

Go Alex, Go Alex, Go Alex....

Silver was teaching Alex how to dance. Sooo cute!!

Jason is the only person....other than her momma (Cristine) that she would go to. I can't spell her daughters name so I am not even going to try!

This picture is for Cristine....cuz she loved it sooo much!

Having fun at Terri's!!! We were trying to catch Cristine....hehe!

Shhhh!!! Julie is sleeping!!!

Teave sure likes to climb trees....hehe!

All the kids eating popsicles at Terri's.

Tami and Kaleo watching the parade.

Cute brothers picture!!

Watching the parade....Tami, me, and Jason.

Hi Terri!!! (You look soooo cute!)

Watching the Freedom Festival Parade.

They all won swords at the Freedom exciting for the parents!

The 3 amigos!!! (Tristan, Silver, and Kaleb)

Mia and Alex....after the parade.

Jason and cute!

Freedom Festival Parade.

So we stayed at the Anniversary Inn for our 13th anniversary. Terri and Silver watched our kids for us. Thank you soooo much!!! The theme of the room is Swiss family Robinson.

This is the fish tank that kept me up all night until I hunted down the tank light switch in the middle of the night.....also we were looking for the blue fish that was suppose to be in the tank...I think it was a joke to keep people looking for it?

These are the steps up to the bed.....

Jason is way up high in the tree bed.

This is the waterfall tub in our room. It was sooo cool!!!

Kaleb was playing around with his letter tiles and this is what he created. He was really careful. The dogs kept messing it up.

This is on Jason's birthday....June 28th. Me and the kids made him a yummy breakfast to surprise him.

Mommy and Tristan....this took a million takes.....Alex and Jason were taking turns to see who could get the best picture.

Kaleb and Daddy....this took a million takes to get it right!

Hehe....this picture is for my cousin Melanie. You might beable to water ski and kiss....but we can kiss under water.......

Hello....can you see me?

Gracie under water......peace out...

Alex under water.....glub...glub.... Kaleb thought that he would have a poolside snack....not just one....but the whole bucket.

Alex and Grace.....scuba diving in the pool.

Kaleb is pouting cuz he is in time out.....from the pool. I thought this was a funny picture.

Pool fun!!!

Do ya think he is enjoying this cupcake?

Kaleb and his soccer coach....he loves his trophies and medals!

Here is a group shot for the fashion show.

Tristan had his friend Aaron spend the night and Alex and her friend Lily were conducting a fashion show. So here they are....

Alex had to join in on the fashion show!

It's scarey how much Kaleb enjoys dressing up in his sisters stuff!

Tristan looks soooo cute!! He looks just like Hannah Montana!

Kaleb wanted to dress up like Hannah Montana too! Just like big brother!

Jason and I were trying to take a picture one morning....below are all the attempts. My husband loves to screw pictures up.

These are out of order because at one point I decided to jump in and mess a picture up too.

He looks like a character on that movie "Water Boy". He thinks it is sooo funny to cross his eyes in pictures.

Another great attempt!! I love my hubby....he is sooo funny!

This one might have been the first attempt. Who knows....

Kaleb loves to let his sister play dress up with him!!

He is wearing her fancy headband. Unfortuneatly he looks happy not upset that she dressed up his head! One day he won't be proud when these surface and he is sixteen with a girlfriend that gets to see these pics.